Italian Imported Products

With 20 years of friendship between them, specialty food producer Gianni Frasi has entrusted chef Donato Scotti with the responsibility of being the sole U.S. importer of his Italian-made products: Giamaica Caffè and Maricha Peppers.
These small-batch, artisanal products from Northern Italy are the result of Frasi’s uncompromising dedication to quality and exacting standards at every stage of production.
Chef Scotti celebrates these unique Italian culinary treasures by incorporating them in the menu of his restaurant - CRU, DONATO Enoteca, Donato & Co. and CENTO Osteria - and making them available to customers at home.

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Giamaica Caffe is the most sought after coffee by high-end restaurants, cafés, and gourmet shops across Europe. The methodical and mindful process of sourcing and roasting these beans is superior to any other producer and noteworthy among the world of elite Italian coffee. 

In the tradition of his uncle, Giovanni Erbisti, who began roasting coffee in Verona in 1947, Gianni Frasi remains the only torrefacteur (coffee roaster) in the world to roast his beans manually over an open flame. This meticulous process is still conducted in Erbisti’s 1,500-square-foot laboratory, which was converted from a small apartment. The time and effort spent producing these beans results in subtleties of flavor that are revered among coffee connoisseurs around the globe.

Proudly served at all of Donato Scotti’s restaurants in the Bay Area—and nowhere else in the U.S.—we have hand picked a selection of coffees from Giamaica Caffe for you to enjoy at home.

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On a trip to Malaysia in search of Sarawak peppers, renowned coffee roaster Gianni Frasi had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Siew, a Malaysian-based peppercorn producer who shared a like-minded obsession with Frasi for making high-quality products. Together, Frasi and Siew created Maricha, which means pepper in Sanskrit.

To produce the Maricha brand, pepper berries are picked from the legendary gardens of Sarikei and processed by Siew within 24 hours. After the peppers are cleaned, cooked or smoked (depending on the varietal), Siew ships the peppercorns to Frasi’s laboratory in Verona to be packaged and distributed to a handful of select retailers. There are no fresher or more flavorful peppercorns on the market.

At CRU and in Donato Scotti’s other Bay Area restaurants, we use these peppercorns to enhance the dishes we design for our guests. Chef Scotti has hand selected six types of peppers for you to take home to design your own culinary creations.

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